Snippets of my life..

A little more about me!

My name is Alexia! I recently moved to Pensacola from St. Pete and every day I am finding more to love about the Emerald Coast. I am a pretty easy going person, and also someone who has TOO many interests. I like trying new things like tennis, shark diving, or living out of a camper van for a month. I love curling up with a book at night with some Green Tea, and getting lost in a different world. I also enjoy immersing myself into whatever country or state I am traveling to. I approach life with curiosity and having fun whenever I can! So it's nice to meet you!

My background.

it all started with a disposable camera

So once I found out I could turn this into a full blown career, I was determined to know everything there was to learn about it. My first stop was moving to good ole Chi-town and attending one of the best private art schools, Columbia College of Chicago. There I studied black and white film photography, and got to develop my own film in the darkrooms. Once I started developing my own work, you couldn't get me to leave that red lighted sanctuary. I would be in there from sun up to sun down on my day off from classes. It was just incredible to see my street photography come to life.

Chicago helped me tap into a different set of skills I didn't even know I needed. I grew so much as an artist but I really missed my family (and the winters are no joke there...brrr) and decided to move back to Florida. I, then, attended the Art Institute of Tampa where I majored in Digital Photography and received my Bachelors. I took classes on post production, studio lighting, posing, building websites, illustration, product photography, and more. I know people say college is a waste of time, but I really did develop skills that have gotten me where I am today and set me apart. I'm proud of the time I invested. It has helped me better serve my clients and developed a great apprecation for my craft!